Embodiment of the Spektrum
Embodiment of the Spektrum

Curate Spaces With Moxie

A Moxie Associates Sdn. Bhd. committed to re-create and to enhance visual identity in spaces.

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Space Planning

We define spaces based of several aspects from the home or business nature, functions, aesthetic, economical approach, and identity.

Design Conceptualizing

Identity the ultimate concept goals and style is our forte. We dissect into various research and attention to conversations and spaces to create signature point.

Design Development

Series of Artist Impressions or Sketches to illustrate the design input and projected outcome.

Design Communication

To communicate with related parties based on the materials processed. This is also to ensure ease free construction process and effective on site problem solving.

Costing & Renovation

To propose and work accordingly to the feasible budget. Organising and executing design proposals with support of proposed timeline and reports.

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