Bespoke Designs

Moxie is a multi-disciplinary Interior Design Studio

Customized Design

Moxie is specializing in both Residential and Commercial Designs. We customize every assigned spaces to reflect its own unique identity.

Site Management

Effective construction timeline and planning to ensure the duration and process are ease free and productive.

Budget Planning

Smart usage of budget is introduced in order to achieve the best balance of both practicality and aesthetics.

Featured work

Colour is the burst of happiness. The spectrum sparks to beautiful range of emotion, story and identity. We want to celebrate colours in our design perspectives.
Cayenne Lim
Design Director, Co-founder
I believe that design has a rhythm to it, whether an upbeat one, or one which is soft and romantic; just like the notes that turn music into a timeless and wonder song, so is my faith which whispers design never dies.
CK See
Managing Director, Co-founder

Let’s work together!

No matter if you are a client, designer, vendor or simple a friend, in Moxie, we love collaborations and connections.